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Thermal Econtras® insulation

If you are looking for thermal insulation for your industrial machines and other installations, rest assured; C.J. van Waas has the perfect insulation materials for every field, as well as a wide range of knowledge and extensive experience dealing with insulation.

Why use thermal insulation?

Many industrial business operations involve processes that require exactly the right temperature. To ensure that these processes run smoothly, the installations in which they occur must have optimal insulation. If not, any installations that differ in temperature from their immediate surroundings will become a heat or cold drain.

Our method

For thermal insulation of industrial installations, we mainly use insulation mattresses. The advantage of insulation mattresses is that they can be customised entirely, approximating the shape of the actual object they will be insulating as much as possible. Thus, we are able to create an optimal insulation that can be removed easily in the event that maintenance is required. We employ only the most skilled, experienced experts to produce and install our insulation materials. Our experts have been sharing their knowledge with countless organisations both within the Netherlands and abroad for many decades now. Moreover, they will be able to answer all of your questions, should you require any additional information.


If you are interested in our thermal insulation, please feel free to contact us, no strings attached.

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